is an intensive, private English language program for adults, college and university and high-school age English as a second language (ESL or TESOL) students from around the world.

All aspects of a student's development in English are covered in the program, but the primary focus is on speaking ability, including vocabulary growth and improved pronunciation, and comprehension of spoken English.

The excellent gains that students obtain from the program are the result of many hours of conversation about topics of interest to the student. Curriculum is 100% adaptable to individual students, and each student participates in developing their own program. The program is fun as well as productive!

Built around a homestay with an American family, born and raised in the United States, the program provides access to all levels of everyday English for up to 16 hours per day. You will notice improvement each and every day—guaranteed.

In fact, most participants will find their level of understanding and ability to express themselves fluently will increase by a minimum of one full level within a four-week period.

The programs take place in the area around Seattle, Washington, one of the most beautiful environments in the whole world. Not only that, but the climate is mild, with moderate temperatures winter and summer. The actual rainfall is reasonable too. We only tell people that it rains here all the time to keep a lot of Californians from moving here! (But sssshhhh! Don't give away our secret!)

A number of exciting travel packages and supplemental ESL programs can be added to the basic program to further enhance the value of participants' stay in the good ol' USA.

To reserve a place, or to make further inquiries, you may contact MMC by email here, or by telephone at 206-734-9192 (available during the hours of 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific time—Seattle time—or else, leave a message).

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